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Mapping Living Conditions in Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area
Cesar Romero Jacob; Dora Rodrigues Hees; Philippe Waniez
Pages: 180
Format: e-book

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Rio de Janeiro, which, in recent years, has hosted great world events, such as Rio+20 in 2012, the 28th World Youth Day in 2013 and the World Football Cup in 2014, is frequently seen through stereotyped images, both positive, as a city of great natural beauty, and negative, as a dangerous city with high violence rates.

Despite the clichés, Rio represents a great challenge for those who wish to understand it in its true dimension, due to the fact that, side by side with its image of a tropical paradise, there is a city with sharp social contrasts.

Through the analysis of a series of maps, Mapping Living Conditions in Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area tries to show the real living conditions of the population in the city, which celebrates 450 years of its foundation in 2015 and will host the Olympic Games in 2016.

The present atlas consists of 12 chapters organized according to the following themes: distribution of the population, income, demographic structure, migration, households, education, employment, religions, health, criminality, elections and a comparative study of Rio de Janeiro and other six Metropolitan Areas in Brazil.

* Versão em português: Atlas das condições de vida na Região Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro

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